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jot – the easier, safer, alternative


for a cleaner more user-friendly delivery


offering better value-for-money,
and reduced side-effects


helps to reduce chair-time and
patient cross-contamination

Pet Care

for minimizing stress and struggle

Z-Pump Technology

The jot dispenser contains the revolutionary Z-pump – the first pump technology developed exclusively for the delivery of eye drops.


Research & Development

A pipeline of further drug/device combination products will leverage the current Jotteq technology platform:



In order to reduce the clinical side effects of some drops, such as those used in the treatment of glaucoma, physicians and researchers have long been calling for prescription eye drops to be made available in smaller drop sizes.

Jotteq intends to offer a full range of micro-dosing products to meet this important need.

jot™ 1.0j (10ul) micro drop
– delivered horizontally

Standard 4.5j (45ul) drop
– delivered vertically




Preservative-Free (PF) drops have long been available in Unit Dose ampules, and offer benefits to around 10% of the population who experience allergies to the preservative ‘Benzalkonium Chloride’ (BK).  Multi-Dose-Preservative-Free (MDPF) filtered dropper bottles are now also available as an alternative to Unit-Dose ampules, although these dispensers still employ the same flawed and out dated ‘gravity-dependent’ delivery method of regular dropper bottles.

Jotteq will address preservative allergies by two means: via use of micro-dosing dispensers (which can reduce preservative exposure of preserved drops by up to 80%) and via the development of Jot MDPF dispensers.