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Welcome to Jotteq, the company behind the revolutionary new jot brand

No one likes taking eye drops.   They are messy, wasteful, and difficult to use.  Tilting the head back can also be uncomfortable for many people, with most finding it difficult to administer a single drop without touching the eye or lashes.  Eye drops also carry potential safety risks, including issues related to cross-contamination, poor compliance, and overdosing.  These problems are not surprising, given that current dispensers employ the same 130 year old technology!

The call for a better dispenser is clear.  Consumers, patients, and physicians, are demanding a device that is easy to use, comfortable, and safe, that delivers a softly-propelled drop to the eye at the click of a button.  The new jot dispenser meets all these needs, and shifts the user’s focus away from their perennial dissatisfaction with their drops.   Instead, they focus on the benefits they find in a whole new kind of eye drop experience.

No one likes taking eye drops, but the new jot dispenser is going to change all that!

Why the name ‘jot’?:  jot is a variant of the Greek letter ‘i’ (iota) which is ‘a little bit’ or ‘the least part of something’, and is the essence of ‘micro-dosing’.  jot also means: ‘to write or mark down quickly’, and is synonymous with things ‘quick and easy’.

A ‘jot’ is a standard unit of volume, as used for the measurement of fluids and solids, wherein 1 jot has a volume of 10 micro liters (ul). The abbreviation for ‘jot’ is lower case ‘j’.  By way of example: 7 micro liters = 0.7j


Introduction to jot™

jot™ is a totally new kind of eye drop dispenser incorporating revolutionary ‘Z pump’ technology, and provides a user-friendly horizontal delivery alternative to current dispensers.

jot™ prototype in action

The jot™ prototype demonstrating our user-friendly and accurate drop delivery method.


Nigel Kelly President and Chief Technology Officer

Engineering Industry Training Board 'Fellow in Manufacturing Management' - Cranfield Institute of Technology UK

Angela DiDomenico Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer

Johnson and Wales University – Rhode Island

Michael Pettit Esq. Business Development and General Counsel

New York University School of Law

Matthew H. Sampson, Jr. Chief Financial Officer

Baruch College, City University of New York

Michael Korenfeld MD ACOS KOL Ophthalmologist