We strive to create products that perfectly meet your needs.  Whether you use eye drop bottles (also known as ‘dropper bottles’), or unit dose vials, please share your opinions on the questions below, and thank you!

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I think that the eye drop bottles, or unit dose vials, I use:

…are difficult to use

…are comfortable to the user

…are easy to use

…are clean

…are quick to use

…are messy, and get drops on my face and clothes

…are accurate in delivering drops

…contribute to side-effects

…deliver the correct amount each time

…are wasteful of drops

…are frustrating to the user

…contribute to me taking my drops incorrectly

The drops I take are:

I buy the more expensive eye drop brand because I think it must be better for my eyes

I find it difficult to decide which non-prescription drops to buy, based on the ingredients, and make my decision based on price

Which of the following features or benefits would you like to have in an ideal drop dispenser? Please check all boxes which you think apply:
 push button operated, where one click = one drop quick to use doesn’t smudge makeup delivers the correct amount dispenser doesn’t touch the eye or lashes no need to crane the neck back (drops delivered horizontally/face stays upright) no mess no loose cap (that might get lost) dispenser stays clean no drops are wasted

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Nigel Kelly – President, Jotteq, Inc.